DIstance Learning is an on-going technological phenomena of our age that allows students to gain education through the comfort of the home or cafe environment. Courses are taught either:

  • synchronously  - students online at the same time as the instructor or
  • asynchronously  - students access online information at a time convenient for them 

Personally, I provide video lectures with accompanying power points, reading materials, assignments, discussion boards, and group projects. 

Teaching Teachers

Learning to Write Necessary Documents Clearly and Succinctly

I have developed a writing course for online presentation for early childhood educators and child care providers.  It is my hope to provide practical experiences writing every day documents, such as letters to parents, weekly newsletters, lesson plans, staff newsletters, resume, business letter, letter of recommendation, relevant reports, and even a fun short story for children. I will share reader-friendly techniques to develop clear, concise, and parent-friendly documents. We will work on developing basic grammar, editing, and logical sequencing of ideas. Be prepared to share with your fellow class members as you will learn from them as well.