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Pattycake and Peekaboo, Why are they so Important?

Pattycake – sitting face to face with your child on your lap is a simple little game that is so very, very important. Why?

• A sense of warmth

• A sense of comfort

• A social endeavor

• Back and forth turn-taking happens

• Full attention

• Imitation of clapping hands

• Joyful

• Eye contact

• Rhythmic

• Repetitive

• Predictable

• Rhyming

• Clapping

Peekaboo – simply hiding behind a cloth or obstacle and popping out unexpectedly again is so very, very important

• Learn object permanence – you’re not really gone!

• Predictable

• Repetitive

• Turn-taking

• Social interaction with another

• Change roles of hider and seeker

• Full attention

• Joyful

• First easy word – ‘peek’ or ‘boo’

• Can play with pitch control

• Sense of belonging

• Finding someone – problem solving

Form created by Kate Ross, MS CCC-SLP: 2010.

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