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25 Ways to Learn Language at Bath Time

Bath time is a great time to learn lots and lots of words while having fun in the water.  As your child takes a bath, focus on some of the following activities:

  1. Wiggle fingers and toes.
  2. Count fingers and toes.
  3. Point to and label body parts.
  4. Count body parts.
  5. Make faces and encourage imitation.
  6. Imitate faces or postures your child makes.
  7. Fill the tub with bubbles.  Put the bubbles on different body parts and label the parts.
  8. Blow bubbles while in the tub, either with bubble bath or actual bubble mixture.
  9. Make silly faces or sculptures with the bubbles and describe.
  10. Hide small toys under the bubbles and say where's the ____?  When it's found, become animated and silly and say, Oh, there it is!  You found the ____!
  11. Take dolls or action figures into the tub with child.  Give them a bath!
  12. Compare body parts on the dolls to your child's body parts.
  13. Put the doll or action figure into a position and have your child imitate.
  14. Sing silly or known songs together.
  15. Carefully splash the water and talk about where it goes.
  16. Give your child water safe toys to play with in the tub.
  17. Experiment with pouring and spilling.  This is a great place to experiment with drinking from a cup – before the water has soap added to it!
  18. Give your child a washcloth and/or a sponge to experiment with soaking up and squeezing out the water.
  19. Experiment with different safe materials that dissolve in water, such as bath salts.  Discuss what happened to the salts.
  20. Play with water whistles in the tub, making sounds by blowing in the whistle and adding water to make a different sound.  Talk about the differences.
  21. Talk about similarities and differences between bodies, such as adult sized arms, legs, and bellies, and child-sized parts.
  22. Talk about differences in skin color, even on one's own body!
  23. With older children, talk about different functions of different body parts.  For example, a hand is used to grasp, turn, twist, open, close, etc.
  24. Talk about different hair styles.  Play hair stylist as you wash hair.   Put the hair in different styles and have your child look in a mirror to describe.
  25. Make up a story as you sit together in the bathroom.   Follow your child's lead, but take turns adding parts to the story.

Enjoy time spent together, relaxing and sharing.  Be careful in the tub, but have fun exploring the properties of water, and play, Play, PLAY!

© Kate Ross, MS, CCC-SLP  (2011)

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