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Playing on Slides and Swings

As your child:

  • climbs up the ladder on the slide, count the stairs.
  • sits on the top of the slide waiting to come down, count 1-2-3-Go!
  • reaches the bottom of the slide, ask if they want to go another time by saying, More?  More slide?
  • climbs up the ladder, say, up, up, up.
  • zooms down the slide, say, down – whee!

As your child:

  • swings on the swing, say or sing, back and forth, back and forth, (name) goes back and forth.
  • swings up and back, say or sing up and down, up and down
  • swings, count the times forward or backward
  • toss a ball toward the child and have him try to kick it as he swings – say, kick each time he kicks it
  • swings, provide a target for her to touch with her feet as she goes forward, such as leaves on a branch

© Kate Ross, MS, CCC-SLP  (2011)

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