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While playing in a pretend kitchen & playing with foods


  • Sit down in a chair at the small table and pretend to be a customer.  Order food from the 'waiter' or 'waitress'.
  • Try to set up a problem for the child to solve, such as saying, Do you have any ketchup for my hamburger?  If the child indicates she doesn't have ketchup, try to work through a solution with her – compromise, encourage creative thinking, etc.
  • Ask the child for all the red foods or orange foods or yellow foods.  Have him label the foods as he places them on the table.
  • Have the child count the amount of red foods, yellow foods, green foods, etc.
  • Have the child match the colored foods to different colored plates. 
  • Make a sandwich, but have the child give you directions to make the sandwich.  Try to put something silly onto the sandwich, such as a fork and follow through with the reaction that ensues.
  • Ask the child to give you pairs of foods, for example what goes with salt?, what goes with peanut butter?, what goes with bread?, etc.
  • For an older child (4-5 year old or older) ask them to separate the foods that come from plants from those that come from animals.
  • Choose several foods and ask the child to put them in a line in order of size – smallest to largest.
  • Have your child organize foods by textures – soft vs. hard, fuzzy vs. prickly, squishy vs. solid, sweet vs. sour, etc.

© Kate Ross, MS, CCC-SLP  (2011)

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