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While Playing Together With Stringing Toys

  • Count the beads on the string.
  • Copy a pattern your child has made.
  • Have your child copy a pattern you have set up.
  • Have your child find and label different colors and shapes within his/her pattern.
  • Describe similarities and differences between beads, such as shapes.
  • Categorize like beads together and count the beads in each group.
  • Match like shapes or colors and label the beads as such. Count the beads in each group. Which pile has more? Which has the most? Which has the least? Are there two groups that have the same amount?
  • Categorize like beads together and have your child tell why they go together.  Ex.  all the beads are round.
  • Put a group of 3 like beads together and add a fourth unlike the others.  Have your child find the one that doesn't belong and tell why.
  • Hide one bead in the immediate environment and have your child find it based on descriptions you provide.
  • Try beginning addition problems with the beads.  If we have 2 beads here and we add 2 more beads, let's count how many there will be all together.

© Kate Ross, MS, CCC-SLP  (2011)

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