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While Drawing Together With Templates And Stencils

  • Have your child create a picture with the stencils.  You may wish to provide assistance by holding down the stencil as your child traces it.  Have your child describe the creation.
  • Are there other items you can use for stencils, such as the bottom of cans, plastic rings, familiar objects, etc.?
  • Have your child tell a story about the drawn picture. 
  • Describe similarities and differences between different stencils.
  • Count templates or stencils of a particular color or shape.  How many round shapes do you see?
  • Label and describe different parts on the stencils.
  • Match objects in the immediate environment to the stencils - ex. like shaped items.
  • Help your child imagine the stencils in real life.  What would they do? 
  • Compare sizes.  Ex.  Which one's bigger, an elephant or a mouse?
  • Discuss what the stencil representations are used for or do.  Ex.  Where does a lion live?  or   What does an airplane do?  or  We use a hammer to. .  .
  • Make silly pictures by mixing different stencils together into one picture.  Make up a story together.
  • Have your child try to describe the stencil without looking at it.  You may wish to prompt with some questions, such as how many legs does it have?

© Kate Ross, MS, CCC-SLP  (2011)

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