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While Playing Together with Play Dough


  1. Explore the play dough, squishing, pounding, rolling, smashing, etc. 
  2. Talk about what your child is doing as he plays.  Ex.  You're squishing the play dough.
  3. Follow your child's lead making the same and different shapes as you play. 
  4. Imitate any sounds your child makes, or further the conversation.
  5. Hide your hand inside the play dough.  Act silly and ask where it went.  Get excited when your child finds your hand.  Say:  Oh, there's my hand.  My hand.  Your hand.  Two hands!
  6. Talk about how the play dough feels.  Oh, it's cold.  It's sticky.
  7. Hide small toys within the play dough and have your child find the toy.  Say:  What's inside?  Oh, look!  You found a little dog.  Woof-woof.
  8. If your child is working on developing a certain speech sound, hide a toy beginning with that speech sound within the play dough.  Ask the child to say what they found when they see it.
  9. Make imprints into the play dough and discuss.
  10. Roll cars through the play dough and talk about the tracks. 
  11. Make toy plastic animals walk through the play dough and discuss the tracks.  Discuss similarities and differences between the tracks.
  12. What happens when you mix two different colors of play dough?
  13. How do your hands feel when you are finished playing with play dough?
  14. Take turns making a creation and guess what it is. 
  15. Try to make a creation from a modeled picture.
  16. Make a snowman.  Name it and tell a shared story about the snowman.  I.e. take turns making sentences for the story.
  17. Make a ball.  Change the ball into a hot dog.  Talk about what you're doing as it's happening.
  18. Make play dough from scratch.  Here are some simple recipes. Talk about the process as you create.
  19. Make ooblik together.  Describe how it feels.  Describe your creations.
  20. Make silly putty together.  Describe how it feels.  Describe what you're making.
  21. Ask your child to direct you to make a creation.

© Kate Ross, MS, CCC-SLP  (2011)

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