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While Playing Together With Blocks


1. See how tall, wide, long, narrow, short, etc. your child can build a structure with blocks. 

2. Encourage your child to knock the blocks down and create again.  Make the destruction be a fun part of the game, too.

3. Ask your child to create something, then ask questions like:

  • What is the name of this?
  • What do you use it for?
  • Where do you find it?
  • Why does it have this part?
  • Who could use it and how would they do so?
  • What can we play with it?
  • What would happen if I moved this over here?

4.Give your child specific directions to build something step by step and see if s/he can follow those directions precisely (ex.  Put a large green block on top of a small yellow block.  Next put a blue block next to the green block. etc.).

5. Ask your child to direct you to make a creation

6. Have your child tell you how he made his creation. Play dumb and put a block in the wrong place to create an unstable structure. Ask her how to solve the problem.

7.  Have your child tell a story about her creation.  Help by providing prompts of "first, then, and last."

8.  Put 3–4 different blocks in front of your child and tell him to look at them closely because you'll take one away later.  See if your child can recall which item was removed.

9.  Have your child describe similarities and differences between Lego blocks.

10.  Ask your child to separate the blocks by color, size or shape and tell why they go together.  Count the different block groups. 

11. Pretend the blocks are vehicles.  Create a place and develop a story following your child's lead.

12. Find a picture of a structure in a magazine.  Together duplicate the structure with blocks.

© Kate Ross, MS, CCC-SLP  (2011)

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