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While Playing Together with Vehicles


  • Follow your child's lead.  As your child moves around on the floor or dirt,  follow her.  Talk about what you're doing, where you're going as you move.
  • Create roadways together and follow the system talking about the different venues as you travel.  For example you might say, Oh look.  There are cows.  Moo cows, moo!
  • Together draw a map on a large piece of paper or in a pile of dirt or in a sandbox.  Follow around on the roads and make new roads.  
  • Give your child directions to follow around the map or roads.  For example, Go over the big hill.  Now go to the bridge and park your car under the bridge.  Let's go to the restaurant!
  • Have your child give you directions to follow.  Play dumb going in the wrong direction and have them correct your errors with clarifying directions.  This adds prepositions or location words to vocabulary.
  • Pretend to go to the zoo, hospital, or a restaurant.  Create the dialogue that would be routine for such places.  For example, We need to pay money to get our tickets.  Now we can go inside the gate.  What shall we go see first – the monkeys or the lions?
  • Match colored vehicles, match types of vehicles, etc.
  • Categorize all the land vehicles, air vehicles, water vehicles, large/small vehicles.  Label and talk about them as you categorize.
  • Talk about similarities and differences between the vehicles.
  • Add action figures or dolls or animals to the vehicle play.
  • Label and talk about the parts to the vehicles.
  • Count the number of parts on the vehicles.
  • Make up a story that you might want to later write down or tape record as you speak.  Take turns adding parts to the story about your vehicles and the travel.
  • Find a broken vehicle and together problem solve how to fix it.
  • Be creative and think of other uses for the vehicles.  For example, could you use a truck to carry other trucks?  Could you put milk inside a car?

© Kate Ross, MS, CCC-SLP  (2011)

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