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Language Games to Play in the Car or When the Opportunity Arises


  • What color is ... ?  Name items out of sight like the grass, cows, our dog, water, etc.
  • What shape is ... ? Name items out of sight such as an egg, a box, etc.
  • Tell me when I can go at the traffic light.  What does the red mean?  What does the green mean?
  • How many eyes do I have?  Name other body parts where they can answer automatically.
  • I'm thinking of an animal that ... (give 3 clues).  Can vary with objects, people, etc.
  • Find words in books and environment that have the first letter from their name.
  • Find different letters in the signs on the road.
  • Teach easy signs by shape and the word like "stop" and have them read them each time they see them.
  • Play rhyming games - be creative accepting silly words.
  • What word sounds like ... ?
  • How many words can we make to rhyme with ...
  • What's the last sound in this word_____? (Stress the sound as you say it.)
  • What's the first sound in this word_____? (Stress the sound as you say it.)
  • Take the last sound or letter of the word spoken and use it to begin the next word spoken.  Use just consonant-vowel-consonant words to start with and words that have a very distinct sound at the end.  (ex. hat – top – peak – car – run, etc.)
  • Begin math games of simple addition to be worked out on fingers or in their heads.
  • How many animals (foods, clothing, body parts, fruits, etc.) can you think of before I get to the next stop sign?
  • Name as many animals as you can that start with a particular letter. (substitute different categories: foods, clothing, places, actions, body parts, furniture, etc.)
  • Create a family sentence where each person says a word to add to a sentence. The last person must say the full sentence.  You may want to go around the family a couple of times to make a longer sentence.
  • Create a family story where each member creates a sentence to add onto the first sentence.  When the story is complete to the satisfaction of all in the car, have the last person summarize the story.
  • Play an add-on memory game. For example, "We're going to Grandma and Grandpa's house and we're going to go up in their attic and find . . . . ." Each successive person repeats this phrase, repeats what the person(s) before them included then adds another object. This game is great for developing memory skills.
  • Talk about stories you've recently read and summarize the events.  
  • Create different endings to standard stories, such as 'what do you think would have happened if Little Red Riding Hood found an alien in Grandma's house instead of the wolf?'

Have fun and pass the travel time positively relating.  Before you know it, you'll be arriving at your destination.

© Kate Ross, MS, CCC-SLP   (2011)

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